Saving Big by Buying Used

Saving Big by Buying Used

Secondhand stores are flourishing. According to The Association of Resale Professionals, where retailers only see around a two percent increase in sales a year, sales at secondhand stores are growing each year by 35 percent. That means you, the consumer, are getting the opportunity to find a broader range of goods at excellent prices.

Used Items That are Just as Good as New

You will find certain items that you can save big by buying used and still come home with an item that's as good as new. Some used, but still good items you will find out there in the resale market include:


Newer models of bicycles, like vehicles, come out each season, meaning you will likely find older models listed in the winter and fall seasons for a fraction of the cost. If you do not like the prices you see at your local bike shop, you may want to check out websites like eBay, Letgo or Craigslist.

However, before you make a purchase online on sites like this, make sure you use a little common sense. If you see an ad that uses a stock image or just seems like a scam, it could be. Worse, it could be a stolen bike. Most of the time, these sites are ideal for finding great deals for quality items.

Exercise Equipment

You will find different types of exercise equipment that are still in great condition at far below new prices including:

  • Elliptical equipment
  • Treadmills
  • Weight benches
  • Dumbbells

A lot of the times, people will purchase exercise equipment with the intention of beginning a workout regimen, but quickly lose interest. They then don't have the storage space in their homes to store these bulky items, so they list and sell them at low prices to get rid of them quickly. You may also score these high ticket items at killer prices at garage sales, on Craigslist or at a local gym.


When in college, it does not make much sense to buy your textbooks brand new. They can get expensive, and chances are, you will only use them while taking a specific class. Instead, you can find books at huge discounts at used bookstores or online on sites like or Amazon. When you are done using the books, you can turn around and sell them yourself to recoup some of your costs.


Chances are you have probably heard that a brand new car immediately goes down in value the minute you drive it off the dealer's lot. That is true. You can save yourself thousands of dollars by buying a used vehicle that's only a couple years older than a brand new model.

Hand Tools

Used Hand tools are easy to find. Many times, people will be changing jobs and decide they do not need the tools anymore. Alternatively, a homeowner may have purchased a unique item just for a single project. Pawnshops are the perfect place to go shopping for used hand tools. You may even score one that still has its lifetime warranty.


Furnishing a home with brand new furniture can put a dent in your wallet. The good news is used furniture at prices that are a steal are easy to find. People are always moving and need to get rid of some furniture. Others decide they want to redecorate. If you do buy furniture from a stranger, be sure you look the piece over carefully to make sure it is clean, free of stains, pet dander, and even bedbugs.

There's a whole range of items you can save big on by buying used such as:

  • Appliances
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Homes
  • Sports gear
  • Electronics

These do not even touch the tip of the iceberg of the possibilities available for used items. Just remember, when shopping on sites like Craigslist, be particularly careful and use your best judgment. If something seems fishy, it could very well be. Overall, you can grab hold of high-quality items at a fraction of the cost.